i learned to knit and im hoping that having warm things that I made with my own hands helps ward off my winter depressive episodes


Nicholas Himoky, Double-Lidded Teapot
someone tell me what this is from


lets play “how gay can you be with your best friend without it getting weird” 


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Memphis Milano Espresso cups

veganrain: Is that a serious proposal orrrrr?

yeah lets grab our animals and elope to hawaii and be homesteaders

Anonymous: Which one did you get? My gf wants one but is a little afraid of them.

nexplanon, i think its the only one available in the us right now. i am terrible with needles and get anxious around doctors and it was still a piece of cake, i didnt pass out or cry or anything!!!! plus with the new aca/obamacare birth control provisions, it should be free for most people. 

my advice is tell your girlfriend not to read too much about it online because most of the people posting about it are unhappy with it for various reasons. im not expecting too many side effects since ive been taking the pill since i was 15 and those have more hormones than the implant. 

hi friends, i got a birth control implant yesterday if anyone wants to ask about it. now i have a cool bruise and cant get pregnant for three whole years and don’t have to remember to take a pill! it should be great.

also i just took a bath and watched an episode of the x files so that was good.

here is a pic of my neat bruise


Clock by Joseph Ferris